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shrink ntfs partition

Disaster. Nothing works.

Vista came with my laptop but i decided to install Windows 7. Then i wanted to shrink partition. I should check with chkdsk but haven’t do this. I’ve proceeded to defragmentation so i could shrink partition with Windows tool.

But non of the tested defag tools work so i can shrink partition. They don’t move some sectors:
1. Windows defrag – can’t move, even display nothing.
2. PerfectDisk – it shows some sectors, which it can’t move. Even on boot.
3. UltraDefrag – nice sci-fi interface, shows that move many files, but in PerfectDisk I see again those excluded sectors.
4. MyDefrag – works quite good. Looks like it moves many files. But PD shows excluded sectors.

So i’ve tried ugly way.
1. ntfsresize –size 127G /dev/sda3
2. delete partition with fdisk and create smaller.
3. restart computer – Error: invalid device or something.
4. ntfsfix – bad ntfs sector.
5. testdisk – repairs ntfs partition, so i can mount it. But:
a) it created extended windows partition and logical inside (previously it was only primary ntfs).
b) i can’t boot windows either
c) boot from windows dvd and reapair – doesn’t work.

Looks like i have to backup data somewhere and create partitions from the scratch, because this new extended partition is overlaping my next linux partition. But linux works.


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