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paludis -i –log-level debug vanilla-sources
Couldn’t use the cache file at ‚/var/cache/paludis/metadata/arbor/sys-kernel/vanilla-sources-’: No such file or directory

credits for log-level: http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-p-4094803.html?sid=bf2437a0dde2b600f170031badb2b911#4094803

paludis -i vanilla-sources

PS. ln -s /usr/src/linux- /usr/src/linux


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After my article was published, there is ongoing discussion on #exherbo, how to call Exherbo developers. Quite funny:

[22:07] although „exherboers” is weird imo… i think we need a better name
[22:07] Exherbites? 😉
[22:08] exherbots? exherbitionists? exherbiatches? (sorry, i just woke up…)
[22:08] exherbo users
[22:08] arkanoid_: Boring!
[22:08] no, users is a dirty word!
[22:08] Philantrop: no, sane. there’s a difference
[22:09] arkanoid_: You are being serious. *That’s* the difference. 🙂
[22:10] I’m always serious!
[22:11] exherboleros!
[22:11] lol
[22:12] that would give us an excuse to wear extravagant hats
[22:12] and pants
[22:12] * replica usually doesn’t wear any
[22:12] * arkanoid_ usuea
[22:12] …
[22:12] * arkanoid_ usually doesn’t need an excuse
[22:12] what about exherbowers or exherboïsts?
[22:14] too metal
[22:15] exherboys sounds misogynist
[22:16] exhertoys
[22:16] or exhergoats
[22:16] SuperHeron: until you realize that all girls on the internet are actually guys
[22:16] replica: Ahem… My wife is not! 🙂
[22:16] replica> lol
[22:16] riiiiight
[22:17] * arkanoid_ is now known as arkanoid
[22:17] Philantrop: i will refrain from making a wife joke at this juncture
[22:17] replica: Feel free to – she’s not watching, atm. 😉
[22:18] Nor does she like IRC for that matter. 🙂
[22:18] pssh… she reads your backlogs!
[22:18] Philantrop: I thought your wife is Ingmar
[22:18] that would explain why he never sleeps
[22:18] berniyh: No, he’s my toyboy.
[22:19] berniyh: No need to become jealous, darling, btw.
[22:19] I’m not a toy :p
[22:20] I’m just an idiot 😛
[22:20] on a different topic, xcm xorg stuff, intel, and 2.6.30 has been solid for over a day now
[22:20] so?
[22:20] spbecker: Ingmar hasn’t been around much today, I think.
[22:20] * ossowick1 is now known as arkanoid_
[22:20] and it even seems to be faster than before
[22:21] I can use google earth without bringing my eeeeeeeeeeeeee to a grinding halt
[22:21] and flash runs smooth
[22:21] spbecker: same here, though you’ll likely run into the odd compositing glitch… at least nothing locks up
[22:21] pfff, google earth…
[22:22] replica> what about exherborists?
[22:22] exherbushido!
[22:22] exherboleros and exhergoats, and i’m rolling on the floor lauging
[22:23] i hate you all
[22:23] SuperHeron: that seems a little too plain imo, we need something that has a little flair or attitude or something
[22:24] hate++
[22:24] spb: what did we do?
[22:25] spb: spbecker: all you need is love!
[22:25] trying to come up with retarded words for something that doesn’t need a word
[22:25] alip: i have love. i like hate too.
arkanoid: all it takes is for someone to blog about us as „exherboners” and that’ll be the end 🙂
replica: except that „something ghey” is any lame word like you guys are trying to come up with when no label is needed
spbecker: we just need to find something less ghey
yeah, like nothing
I approve!
spbecker: i dub thee Sir Null
we need something beginning with exherb…
we don’t _need_ anything!
„exherbo developers”
all we need is love
* SuperHeron has quit („Ex-Chat”)

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Exherbo community


Exherbo is specific and unique community/project among open source world.

They don’t want to be community like gentoo. As one of develoeprs, ciaranm says „community in the open source context means people who don’t contribute anything but think they have rights”. He even doesn’t want to call Exherbo a community. Instead he likes term „developer base” which he describes as „group of useful people who contribute and mostly get on fairly well with each other”.

This community states about itself, that „Exherbo doesn’t have users, only developers”.

And you will quickly find it yourself if you try to install exherbo and something goes wrong.

If you haven’t read documentation extensively (including maling list and irc) and ask some trival or stupid questions on irc, you will be banned from #exherbo channel. That’s what happend to me.

But there is hope for us lame users. Ban can be removed if you show that you have made your homework and ask for removing ban.

Such behaviour may seem rude and harsh to user who is used to helpful gentoo or ubuntu community.

It’s clearly understandable when you know when they come from. Most of the developers are ex gentooers. And they didn’t liked what was happening with gentoo. When it’s difficult to change any element of distribution, and there is more management then real work, you quickly see stagnation and frustration. It stifles innovation.

So they started from scratch. Not exactly from the ground, because they use many elements from gentoo and improve them over time. Some of the ideas may go to gentoo like it’s happening with pms.

They have their own vision about distribution development. They claim, that 20 core developers is enough for them and they don’t want to go beyond this amount. They consider that more developers will create mess and put away fun.

Instead they created infrastructure which will help to control such huge amount of work like creating distribution is.

They use distributed scm (git) which helps them to „divide and conquer”. Instead of one big repository with 10k packages they have tiny core repository called arbor. There are also topic repositories like x11, gnome, mozilla, etc.

It’s easier to maintain that. You don’t have to read throug one big log. In one repository you see commits only from that repository. If you don’t use gnome, you don’t have to bother with gnome. Just don’t include that repository.

And that works from opposite direction. If some users want anything that isn’t in core, topic or developers repositories, they can create their own repository and use it. It can also be included to exherbo unofficial repositories, so it will be searchable by other exherbo users with paludis.

Another important parts of exherbo are paludis – package manager and exheres – package format. There happens many small improvements which move exherbo step by step into right direction.

Also you have to know how exherboers communicate with each other, what is the workflow. Most work is coordinated through irc. Package requests are tracked with unwritten repository and are searchable with package manger. Buzilla and maling list aren’t used extensively. Every commit to official repositories is visible on irc thanks to cia bot. Most talk and fun happens on irc.

If you want something to be done, don’t demand it. Help developers and make it yourself. Than everobody can focus on what gives most satisfaction. Be developer.

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in /etc/paludis/package_mask.conf

paludis -s syslog-ng
/etc/init.d/syslog-ng start
remove mask. update perl.

!!! Cannot overwrite file ‚/etc/env.d/alternatives/perl/5.10’ with directory ‚/var/tmp/paludis/build/dev-lang-perl-5.10.0-r2/image/etc/env.d/alternatives/perl/5.10’

mv mv /etc/env.d/alternatives/perl/5.10 /root/
paludis -i1 perl

eclectic config_data update 0.280801_perl-5.10
eclectic perl update 5.10
!!! Error: The given provider (5.10) does not exist


cd /etc/env.d/alternatives
for i in *; do eclectic $i unset; done
#but i get errors: Can’t load module defaults, gcc_set, etc.
rm -r /etc/env.d/alternatives/*
paludis -i app-admin/eclectic

/usr/bin/autoconf-2.63: /usr/bin/autom4te-2.63: /usr/bin/perl: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

ln -s /usr/bin/perl5.10.0 /usr/bin/perl

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