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paludis and Masked by repository

I wanted to install chromium, but some packages were masked
net-www/chromium-scm:scm::pipping: Masked by repository
sys-devel/gyp-scm:0::pipping: Masked by repository

in file /var/db/paludis/repositories/pipping/metadata/repository_mask.conf

So according to http://paludis.pioto.org/faq/howdoi.html i add to /etc/paludis/package_unmask.conf

Notice the :0 and that there are no -scm. But cave show chromium and gyp will show you some additional info.

PS. :0 isn’t obligatory as I see

package.unmask -> package_unmask.conf
chromium:scm -> chromium


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exherbo nice, me stupid enough

14:14 krenso: why adobe-flash has so many deps? i just downloaded archive from adobe and it works
14:17 zlin: because we hate flash
14:20 krenso: 🙂
14:22 zlin: we figured it’d be interesting to see how long it’d be before someone stupid enough to care would notice
14:27 krenso: and how long was it?
14:27 arkanoid: not long enough

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Contributing to exherbo with git patch

Generally don’t work (commit) in repository which paludis uses. clone repo (cp -R should be sufficient).

If you know what you doing you can use git stash.

that can be your workflow: modify file, try if it compiles, cd .., cp -R repo repo.bak, cd repo.bak, git commit -a, git format-patch -M -C -1

copy patch to dpaste.com: wgetpaste -c cat your.patch

and inform about on #exherbo: !pq http//dpaste.com/number/plain ::repo

remove patch from queue: !pd number (number from dpaste)

PS. before commiting set name, email, also enable (permanently) detecting renames with git config –global diff.renames copy



PS2. you cat paste to clipboard also: xclip -in -selection c your.patch http://linuxtidbits.wordpress.com/2008/02/22/command-line-to-clipboard/


PS3. set correct locales, like described here https://rofrol.wordpress.com/2008/02/25/lokalizacja-gentoo-i-utf-8/

PS4. keep PLATFORMS sorted alphabetically

PS5. If your ouput log is too big for dpaste you omploader.org

PS6. If you bump package, check deps, also for options configure –help and configure.ac

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Notacja Chena


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exherbo paludis misc


Bryan Østergaard is a long time Open Source developer and user. He started using Linux in 1994. Bryan later spend 4 years as a Gentoo developer before starting the Exherbo linux distribution.

He’s currently also the president of the largest danish Linux User Group (SSLUG) and is a former staff member of the freenode IRC network.

From: http://archive.fosdem.org/2009/schedule/speakers/bryan+ostergaard



Exherbo welcomes contributors not users: http://www.exherbo.org/docs/contributing.html

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Problem: startx is slow, when I switch to console i see warning: missing charsets in String to Fontset conversion. LC_ALL=C startx is fast.

Solution: install fonts for encodings listed in /usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/XLC_LOCALE, twm output shows which encodings it is missing still: font-misc-misc for iso, jisx-0x201, font-daewoo-misc for ksc5601.1987-0, font-isas-misc for gb2312.1980.0, font-jis-misc for jisx0208.1983-0
or just comment some sections in this file

Warning: paludis –uninstall doesn’t remove it from /usr/lib64/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.dir and then you have to remove it manually (fc-cache -vf doesn’t work for me)

Credits: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=478370#c9 http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showpost.php?p=1266125&postcount=3 http://www.holoweb.net/~liam/fonts/common-linux-font-problems.html http://bengreen.eu/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Linux.Locale

More: http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/X.Org/Fonts http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/utf-8.xml http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/desktop/x/x11/modular-x-howto.xml

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exherbo python-2.6.2 fails

problem: testStdin OtherFileTests AssertionError IOError not raised during python-2.6.2 instalation on exherbo

solution1: sed out test
solution2: make patch for test (don’t change test with sed like in gentoo)
solution3: bump to new version?
solution4: add to exheres changes from gentoo ebuild (isatty is always false under paludis) so it’s dirty and bad
sed -e „s:’osf1V5′:’osf1V5′ and sys.stdin.isatty():” -i Lib/test/test_file.py || die „sed failed”


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