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kreacja pieniadza


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powodem jest gorsze wsparcie dla http. Cos sie z tym moze zmieni.

Git ma takze gorsze wsparcie dla systemu Windows.

Ale w komentarzach do http://code.google.com/p/support/wiki/DVCSAnalysis mozna wyczytac o wadach mercuriala (calkiem sporych):

HGs static-http is as slow as git’s cloning from http because git has a dump webserver on the other end. HG uses hg over a cgi to pipe their custom transport.

BUT… have you ever used hg for a longer timer?

We had e.g the problem, that older mercurials can’t clone a new repo (over http) as the internal serilization changes (addition of branches). So old mercurials just exit with a backtrace, but this incompatibility was not documented nor fixed.

HG has changed their ondisk layout on every release which requries a local reclone (with –pull) of all local repositories to update.

The biggest problem with mercurial is their unuseable branch support and their unwillingness to fix long standing design errors.

– One repo per branch brings a quite high administration overhead not to mention the ressource wastage.

– Branch lookup in mercurial is pain slow per design, they tried to cure it with a branchcache, but a cache is not the same as O(1) lookup as in git.

– Tag handling is horrible. Mercurial save their tags in the file .hgtags in the repository root.

To locate a tag mercurial checks out all heads of all branches, to get their .hgtags file and merges them internally to just print the tags.

Another problem is, that it’s impossible to cleanly remove a wrong tag from a repository.

– There are not only branches, but every branch can have multiple heads (unnamed branches) which is a pain to mess with.

– Automatic creation of heads seems as a quite safe feature in the beginning. But new users tend to lose changes in unnamed heads and for advanced users the destinction of heads and branches is just annoying.

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automount gnome linux

usunac wpisy z /etc/fstab dla cdrom, usb etc.
w gconf > apps > nautilus > preferences > media_automount, media_automount_open

sprawdzic czy gnome-base/gnome-volume-manager USE=”-automount”

Apart from commenting out fstab you either need to emerge gnome-volume-manager _with_ USE=”automount” or go to System Tools – Configuration Editor – Apps – Nautilus and check the „media_automount” box.
If you go for gnome-volume-manager you can enable automounting in System – Preferences – removable drives and media.

jesli uzyjemy opcje gnome-volume-manager +automount to mozemy chyba potem ustawic rozne rzeczy w Gnome > System > Prefereneces > Removable Drives and Media

mozna ustawic sync, ale to zwalnia bardzo oraz skraca zywotnosc flashy

jesli chcesz aby ikony lokalnych partycji pokazywaly sie w nautilusie

Wiecej o zmianie policy



Nie wiem czy powyzsze dziala dla zwyklych uzytkownikow. Jakby co to moze to:

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hardware without binary blobs


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in /etc/paludis/package_mask.conf

paludis -s syslog-ng
/etc/init.d/syslog-ng start
remove mask. update perl.

!!! Cannot overwrite file ‚/etc/env.d/alternatives/perl/5.10’ with directory ‚/var/tmp/paludis/build/dev-lang-perl-5.10.0-r2/image/etc/env.d/alternatives/perl/5.10’

mv mv /etc/env.d/alternatives/perl/5.10 /root/
paludis -i1 perl

eclectic config_data update 0.280801_perl-5.10
eclectic perl update 5.10
!!! Error: The given provider (5.10) does not exist


cd /etc/env.d/alternatives
for i in *; do eclectic $i unset; done
#but i get errors: Can’t load module defaults, gcc_set, etc.
rm -r /etc/env.d/alternatives/*
paludis -i app-admin/eclectic

/usr/bin/autoconf-2.63: /usr/bin/autom4te-2.63: /usr/bin/perl: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

ln -s /usr/bin/perl5.10.0 /usr/bin/perl

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ntfs-3g /dev/sda3 /mnt/sda3

rm -Rf /mnt/sda3/ProgramData
rm: cannot remove ‚/mnt/sda3/ProgramData/Dane Aplikacji’: Too many levels of symbolic links

ntfs-3g –version
ntfs-3g 2009.4.AR.1 integrated fuse

systemrescuecd-x86-1.1.7.iso (ntfs-3g kompilowany ze źródeł)


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